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Career Preparation & Job Search for NIU Student Athletes

Help Me – I Have Nothing To Put On My Resume


Help Me – I Have Nothing To Put On My Resume

Okay, okay – you’ve been so busy with athletics and classes that you just don’t have much to include on your resume. There are ways of dealing with this.

As a student-athlete who has devoted thousands of hours to your sport, you may want to include a Summary of Qualifications that explains the amount of time required to participate in Division I athletics, and reveals some of the “transferable” traits and skills that you will apply to a job upon graduation.


  • Hard working team player with excellent leadership and technical skills. I will apply the same degree of diligence and dedication to a career in Sales that has allowed me to maintain good grades while devoting an average of 25 hours per week training and playing for a Division I women’s volleyball team.

  • Student-athlete who devoted an average of 30 hours per week to training, practices, meetings, travel, and game competition while completing a challenging Psychology degree.

  • A student-athlete who has excelled in Division I athletics while completing a challenging Economics curriculum in four years. Demonstrated leadership; teamwork, motivational and time management skills that I intend to apply to a career in Management.

  • Student-athlete who devoted approximately 25-30 hours per week to training, conditioning, studying playbooks, meetings, travel, and games while attending Northern Illinois University on a full-time basis.

  • A student athlete who achieved academic success in a challenging Business Administration program while excelling in Division I athletics. Demonstrated leadership, teamwork, and time management skills that I intend to apply to my position as a Retail Management Trainee.

If you don’t have enough work, volunteer, community service, or leadership experience to fill the page:

  • Set your margins at 1.3” and use the maximum size font (12).

  • Consider putting the Categories (Objective, Education, Experience, etc.) in a narrow left hand column, with the remaining content on a wider right hand column.

  • In the Education section, include Relevant Courses that relate to the job to which you are applying.

  • In the Experience section, include any experience in public speaking to the media or before groups of children, at camps, schools, etc.

  • Include any coaching or training you did at sports camps. Emphasize communication, organizational, and motivational skills.

  • Did your team perform any community service? If so, include it.

  • Can you use three or more computer software programs? If so, include them under “Computer Skills.”

  • If a captain or co-captain, describe responsibilities that demonstrate leadership and responsibility.

  • In the Awards or Achievements section, include athletic or athlete-scholar awards, team captaincies, Player of the Week/Month awards, Most Inspirational, Most Improved, All-Conference awards, etc.

  • High school achievements should be excluded, unless (a) they are so impressive or relevant to the position that you feel compelled to include them, or (b) you are absolutely desperate to fill the page.

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